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Understand your personal level of risk before a security breach occurs

We all know what a credit score is, and Border Bank is proud to partner with SecurityStudio, a known leader in the Cybersecurity Industry, to bring you your security score powered by S2ME.

While your credit score gives you an insight into your financial picture, a security score gives you insight into how secure and aware you are of your cybersecurity posture.

You will be led through a series of questions that you answer, and in the end you will be presented with your security score. In addition, you will be given tips on things you can do to improve your security score.

Border Bank is proud to bring you this service, and views it as part of an ongoing commitment to help you stay safe in today's ever changing cyber threat landscape

This website is hosted and provided by SecurityStudio in partnership with Border Bank as a benefit to its customers. This website is not an official Border Bank website.

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